Thursday, 3 October 2013

A Case of The 'EX'

Was it just me or did anyone else experience a scenario where all your ex from past relationships suddenly rush for you just because they learned you were getting married?

As absurd as it may sound it actually happens, at least to me it did. They all seem to want you back, calling you non stop at all hours and pleading with you not to go with the other guy, trying to sabotage your impending marriage, promising you all the earth's riches if only you'd just come back to them.

This made me wonder, what changed? I certainly did not. Did I all to suddenly become marriageable or did the fact that someone else thought I was hastened them to think I was. Why were they so desperate? They never talked marriage when we were friends and they knew it was on my agenda, or were they just so laid back thinking to themselves that one's life resolved around them. Well, they learned a hard lesson - Time waits for no man - and I most certainly wasn't waiting for any of them. Its amusing though, watching them scramble for my attention when I'm no longer interested.

What i find hard to understand is why people prefer to hide their feelings so as not to appear weak. A boy likes a girl, they become friends. Boy(who may or may not have the money) wants to marry girl(who's dying to be proposed to by boy), he tells her and they can either get married right away or wait till they are both ready. I know I'm a big dreamer but this is how easy it should be to have a relationship. Rather what we find are people playing games and toying with other people's emotions. Boys blame girls, girls blame boys.... It just keeps getting worse.

So back to my Ex, he's somewhere sulking while I'm already taken. I'm very sure he's probably gotten over me, what  I'm not certain about is why he waited till I was taken before he made his intentions known. I guess we'll never know now because I never gave him a chance to explain. Why would I? who wants the past to haunt the future? Definitely not me.