Tuesday, 23 July 2013

4 Things Single People Should Know Before Getting Married

Rights of Couples Before and After Marriage:

As single individuals, it’s our utmost right to live as we like so long as it conforms to the rules and obligations of the Society. We can live as carefree as we deem fit, but when we finally get married, most of this right is no longer applicable. This is not because our spouses say so, but rather as a result of careful consideration for our partners.

Below are some of the Rights we have and how they may change after marriage.
      Freedom of Independence; as a single person, your totally free to do as you wish, date whoever you desire, go wherever you wish when you wish to and how you which to, you owe no one no explanations for your actions. But when you finally get married, I’m afraid you can no longer do as you wish. You can’t go anywhere without informing your partner, you most certainly can no longer date, and whatever plans you make, you make with your partner.  When you truly love your partner, sharing such information would be pleasant. You would want him/her to know your plans and whereabouts – this builds trust, you would want to go everywhere with them – this shows you are proud of them, and you would surely want to stop seeing the Ex – your Ex is your past, your marriage is your future, which way would you rather go? 
        Some Friends Have Got to Go; It’s ok to keep all sorts of friends when your single, the bad ones make you have fun while the good ones keep you in check, but when you get married, the should be no room for bad friends in your life. You don’t want to come home and find your friend messing around with your partner – trust me, this happens a lot –, you don’t want such friends giving you advice when marital issues arise either. So it’s best you keep them at arm’s length or better still, cut them off.
      I’m Always Right; we all have that little voice in our heads telling us we are always right. Are we? Really? Being single, your voice may be all you want to hear but this must change when you get married, i.e., if you want to have a peaceful marriage.  Sacrifice and Compromise they say makes a marriage sail smoothly, and for you to have this, your partner’s voice may sometimes have to supersede yours. 
      My Income is Mine; yea sure it’s yours and you can go on a spending spree for all anyone cares, but I’m afraid that will definitely have to change after marriage unless of course the income is a very big fat one. In marriage, everything should be shared, including income. This is for the general welfare of the family, and this particularly brings couples together because almost every aspect of running a family involves spending. The burden is always lighter when two people share it.

Being single is cool, It’s a fun, exciting and spontaneous period in our lives. No one says our marriages can’t be same, it could equally be as fun, the only difference is doing it all with a partner, after all, what one person can do, two people will do even much better.