Sunday, 7 July 2013

Meeting the In-Laws

Driving into my new home, i didn't know what to expect. Would they love me? Would they accept me? Was i good enough for their son? Would i make a good wife? The car jolted to a halt and i snapped out of my thoughts. 

We were greeted by cheers from a large crowd who could not make it to my village, and soon those who came back with us joined in congratulating us. The women began singing and dancing to a traditional song that was new to me but usually sung to welcome in new wives. it was amusing watching them and soon i found myself moving to the rhythm of the song.
People walked up to me embracing me and introducing themselves, each explaining who they were and how they related to my husband, soon i got so confused i just nodded in acknowledgement.

My mother-in-law looked happy, that was a relief. Every woman's worst nightmare is marrying into a family where she is not liked, those who are in that kind of family hate it and those about getting married pray against it. So when i saw her look happy, i was over joyed. Marriages are hard enough, difficult in-laws would just make it unbearable. My in-laws are conservatives and don't really have a close knitted kind of relationship with each other the way my family does. So i was thrilled when i realized that not only did i have a few in-laws, they seemed like decent people.

As night drew near and the crowd receded, i began to grow nervous again. Soon it was just my new family, my girlfriend and i, we tried to make light conversations but we soon ran out of things to say and then it was awkward silence. I stole a glance at my girlfriend, our eyes met and she caught my nervous glance. God bless her, for at that moment, she yawned and said she needed to use the bathroom, breaking the silence. I quickly seized that opportunity to yawn and stretch also saying i was tired, my husband stood up to lead me to our bedroom.

Lying in bed and thinking of all that had happened, i had mixed feelings. I missed my family already, this was my first night in another village and i was so scared. Being married was great, but being away from your people was nerve racking. What would i do tomorrow when i woke up? I pondered, I looked at my hubby lying next to me snoring lightly, and i smiled. The journey ahead may not be an easy one, but i had him to comfort me. I snuggled into his arms and slowly fell asleep.