Thursday, 18 July 2013

Marriage Turns a Girl-child Into a Woman?

What a joke! So a 14yr old suddenly becomes a woman just because some unconscientious man decides to make a wife out of her or her greedy parents give her out for whatever insane reason. Do they really know the implications of this singular action?

One minute she's gathering toys in her cute little bedroom and in the next instant, she's thrust into the care of her so called husband and her faith now lies entirely at his mercy. She's had no prior training, her mind isn't even fully developed to grasp the concept of marriage, yet she's suddenly the care taker of a home.

Most ladies find it hard enough being married, so how's this girl-child supposed to cope? What happens when she gets to his house? Has she even had a sex talk with her mother? What does she know about running a home? Has she discovered herself and what she will be? A million questions prowl through my mind as i ponder this, and I'm terribly saddened not only for the poor child that will be unluckly to find herself in this situation, but for the society at large.

When we begin to add or remove clauses in the constitution that works against children,one can only imagine what the future holds for our unborn little ones. We turn our eyes away from real issues bugging our society at large and begin to adjust our Laws so that it favors a few.

People have done a lot of things (good and bad ) under the guise of religion, let's not endanger the future of our children under the same guise. Knowing how Nigeria works, any form of evil that's given room always escalates. Soon parents will start giving out their under aged children and quote the law for you. Some men will start abusing young girls under the same guise that they want to marry them. The streets will no longer be safe for our young daughters, immorality will soon spread into our junior secondary schools ( I'm assuming it's common knowledge that immorality has swept through our senior secondary schools), and the list goes on.

Denying any individual a childhood no matter how poor is one of the greatest wrongs that can be inflicted on such a child. Not only is their innocence lost forever, these children are left at the mercy of our harsh society.

Enough said! What are your thoughts on this?
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