Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Just Us Now

Just Us Now....

We returned to the city exhausted and relieved. We were grateful to God for journey mercies on everyone that came, and most importantly for a successful traditional marriage. It went well, a few hiccups here and there, but nothing we couldn't handle. People came in multitudes (if one is planning something small, Christmas is a bad time to celebrate any occasion in the Eastern part of our Country), and they were all entertained.

I already had my bags packed so i returned with my husband to his place. Where i come from, people say the traditional marriage is as good as any marriage, since a woman's dowry had been paid, she is obligated to go with him. A lot of people are still divided on this opinion, some say she should not move in until after the wedding while some are in-different. Some ladies may want to move in but their parents will not allow it, so they spend weekends instead, while some parents don't mind at all.

I often wonder what the point of it all is. We were taught in secondary school that traditional marriages were a form of marriage, so for the parents that are against it, are they insinuating that our teachers are wrong? Seeing it from the religious aspect, can one really say your are fornicating with a man whom you have decided to spend the rest of your life with? Does wearing white and standing in a church make a marriage more solid than its other counterparts?

Well, i moved in nevertheless, and it was just us now. We had never really lived together so this was all new to the both of us. It's at such moments that you fully understand the big difference between dating and marriage.

We were both tired and hungry, he looked at me and asked what we'd have for dinner. That question surprised me, usually, we would have ordered out or strolled to have a bite but here he was asking a tired me what we would have for dinner. A million answers came to mind but then i remember we were married now, that it was my sole responsibility (that's what i was told by the women who saw me off as i was leaving my father's place) to ensure that he is well taken care off and that includes feeding him. So i said instead that i would make us dinner, i did not want anything to ruin our perfect togetherness. After spending all he had in the village, i knew money issues were going to be touchy and so i let him be and in spite of my fatigued body i made dinner.

Some people may not agree with my moving in, but i know i made the right decision. It was my decision, and i made it as a result of the circumstances surrounding me. It wasn't an easy one to make though, but marriages need a lot of sacrifices and this was one of mine.

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