Friday, 12 July 2013

How To Fix A Marriage

If your marriage is on the rocks and you need help to fix it, you should calculate your moves and go ahead with patience as the wrong act may mar the relationship and worsen matters. In case you are wondering how to fix your marriage, these tips can help:

Take responsibility and open communication channels
Pent up grudges, emotions, pride and past differences may often create problems in a marriage, which if unexplained, can have a mothball effect and grow into bigger issues of concern. So, if you have felt hurt at any action or word of your partner, vent your feelings by taking an open communicational channel. Remember that your partner is not a thought reader and sulking without discussing the matter is not going to break any ice. So, don't shy away from discussing the matter. In case you are at fault, take responsibility and ask for forgiveness. Identifying the problem areas and discussing it without any prejudices is the key to fixing a marriage that is going the wrong way.
Bring back the passion
Once you have settled down with your partner and have kids, romance and passion often take a backseat. Lack of romance and sex can spell doom in a relationship. If you find the same happening with your marriage, take corrective measures now. Going on a date again with your spouse, bringing him/her the favorite gift, leaving little love notes laying around the house, hiring a babysitter to steal some couple time are ways to make your partner feel loved again. Doing little things like rustling up a yummy breakfast for your partner, taking him on a short trip, booking a relaxing spa massage etc are some other ways to rekindle the lost passion. You can even plan to cuddle near the fireplace, have a hot tub bath together or the like followed by passionate sex to heighten your romantic escapades.
Participate actively in your spouse’s life
In case it’s your aloofness to your partner that's making things go awry, try to develop interest in your partner’s life. Try to make him/her the most important person in your life. Listen to how his/her day went, his/her needs and problems etc and let your partner feel that you are beside him/her to share every up and down of life. In other words, offer the utmost respect to your spouse and grow old together. A time will then come when you become best friends and would enjoy the life to its fullest.
Seek professional help
If despite your best efforts, you fail to bridge the gap and the marriage seems to be heading towards the much dreaded D word (read divorce), don't hesitate in seeking professional counseling sessions. There's no stigma in going to a marriage counselor and getting professional advice to mend things and bring them back to normal. So, once you feel the need for the same, don't shy away from fixing an appointment with a marriage counselor due to social pressures or other reasons. Just go ahead as this is your marriage at stake and you should give it all that it takes to make it strong and a long lasting bond.
So, just have patience, and use these steps to bring back the spark in your marriage, which in turn will surely fix your marriage that's going awry.

Last but definitely not least, Pray!
There's nothing impossible for God, He made manna fall in the desert, He also paved a way in the middle of the sea, He will surely come to your aid.