Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Marriage Things.... Pt. 2

As Dili angrily walked out of the house, she wanted nothing more than to punch something, or break something or yell, she just wanted to release all the anger that was welled up inside her. Her mum sure knows how to press all her buttons, she thought, having the same conversations everyday was beginning to piss her off.

Storming out of the house was probably the best thing because she would have said something that she might regret and that would be bad. A part of her knew that her mum was right but she wouldn't dare admit it, at least not to her mum. What her mum did not know is how hard she was trying. Finding a guy was hard enough, but finding one with all the qualifications that her family would accept was incredibly difficult.

All the boys she met all wanted one thing - sex. The rest were either unmarriageable or married. It was frustrating and even more so that she couldn't share this with her mum. It was hard finding a good guy, much less finding an Igbo one who was both educated and Catholic. You eventually meet a guy and before long he starts pressuring you to have sex with him, when you resist he starts acting funny and before you know it your relationship is on rocky grounds. You eventually give in but 6 months into the relationship you realize your not compactible enough to continue so you move on, then you meet someone else and start all over again and before you know it you are 25 and still not only single, but also searching.

How would her mum understand? The last time she tried to discuss it with her, they ended up arguing about how choosy she was, how stubborn she had grown over the years making it very difficult for men to see her marriageable qualities. So its my fault now that i'm still single, Dili thought, is it a crime to find a nice caring and romantic guy who can take care of me? She asked herself, marriage is a life time commitment and Dili could not imagine spending the rest of her life with the guys she had dated in the past. That's not being choosy, it's being careful.

Dili knew she wasn't getting any younger, but she would be damned if she caved under the pressure and settled for any guy. He had to be good-looking, tall, hard working and God fearing, not forgetting her mum's own criteria - Catholic and Igbo. Is this too much ask for in a man? As the years went by, the list of criteria grew shorter but she wasn't going to make it shorter anymore. If she could not find a man with it all, then she would consider her other options. The idea wasn't a pleasing one to Dili, but if she had learned anything over the years, it was to have plan B & C.

.... excuse me, hello, hellllooooo..., Dili snapped out of her thoughts and realised someone had been trying to get her attention. She looked around and realised that she had walked a great distance away from her house, she looked up at the guy and her gaze fell upon the most handsome face she had seen in ages. His eyes were smiling and looked friendly, his smile took her breath away. She closed her eyes hoping he'd still be there when she opened them again, said a silent prayer and opened them again. He was still there looking perfect, smelling wonderful and smiling at her. She smiled back and extended her hands to shake his already extended hands.

Hello, he said again, seems you were lost in your thoughts, been trying to get your attention for a while now. Is everything ok?

Dili nodded, words failed her at that moment, she was so mesmerized by his appearance, it was if the Heavens read her mind and knew exactly what she was longing for.

Good, he continued, I was speaking with my friends when you passed us by and I told myself that I must get to know you. You are the prettiest girl I have ever seen, he told her, and I would love to know you. My name is Afam, i'm from Enugu, what's yours?

To be cont......