Saturday, 6 July 2013

Marriage Things

...... mum please quit nagging me, i'll get married when i find the right man. Dili looked across at her mum and wanted to shake her up. Her mum had been hounding her since she turned 25 for not wanting to get married. She seemed to believe marriage completes every woman and the idea irritated Dili. Mum, she continued, i'm young, beautiful and i have a great job, i'm really not under any pressure to get married, besides, i don't need a man to complete me because i have everything i need.
Nneka - Dili's mum - looked at her daughter and shook her head. Young? you are 25 for pete's sake, how can you say you are young. I married your father when i was 19 and had all your siblings before i was 25 and here you are telling me you are young. You are dangerously approaching 30, and honey, the older you get the more difficult it'll be to get a good husband.
But mum, Dili tried to cut her short but her mum was not done speaking...
I am your mother and i know best, you need to start thinking of settling down before time passes you by and you become desperate. Now is the time to search carefully for the man you would love to spend the rest of you life with. Find him now when you still have time to court, and not when you are 30 and desperate.
Dili thought of arguing with her mum, but there was absolutely no point. This was all they talked about these days and Dili was beginning to loose her patience. Okay mum, she said instead, I'll start looking for a man. Happy now? Her mum smiled at her and Dili knew she had won this one, but the victory was short lived when her mum said,
Please try to find and Igbo catholic, you know your father is a knight in the church... Dili did not let her finish, she quickly jumped up from where she had been sitting and walked out of the room slamming the door behind her.

To be continued...