Wednesday, 17 July 2013

What Was I Thinking???

I ask myself everyday, what on earth was i thinking when I quit my job? Some decisions just come back to bite you in the ass, this one was surely one of them.

For some insane reason, i decided to quit my job. Maybe it was because I was still basking in the euphoria of being newly married, or that i was head over heels in love and so I wanted to spend every minute of each passing day with him. Whatever it was that possessed me to make that decision has long gone, and now that I am back to reality, I wish i hadn't.

Being jobless is the worst feeling in the world. Not only are you bored, it makes you feel like you are such a burden to everyone around, it's especially worse when you are newly married. These days, guys want ladies that are independent, even your in-laws appreciate you more when you are working. If i had known how quickly confidence goes with loosing one's independence, I would have had a re-think on that decision.

Here I am feeling sorry and miserable when I could have been in the office working and being relevant. Money saved up in the bank is quickly being depleted because there's no longer any steady income, boredom is beginning to get the better of me and my mind starts to plays tricks on me. I start lashing out at my hobby, looking for who to blame for my mistake, and when things started heating up between us, i had to pinch myself to stop before I ruin it all.

Spending 24hrs with the same person can be fun, but it can also be terribly boring. You soon run out of things to say and before long you start saying the wrong things which could then turn ugly. Don't get me wrong, the love is still strong and solid, its just the boredom. The saying "An idle mind is the Devil's workshop" has never been more vividly clearer to me. When I working, I used to look forward to going home because i had a lot of gist, now we stayed home all day watching TV and occasionally going out.

Nobody had to tell me to start looking for another job, especially when i planned to take a trip only to realize my account balance wasn't sufficient to get me a Visa. Dear God, I pray, please help me to get a new job ASAP. Amen!

To all ladies out there, before you quit your job for whatever reason, please ensure you have plan B and if possible C. I realized that you first have to be happy before you can make anyone happy. Learn from my mistake, don't make yours.